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We are mobile gaming company. At daily basis we require a lot of advertising materials for social
networks and all around the web. For this we use outsource services of people who create pictures,
animation and ideas which attract people to play our games. It takes a lot of time not only to
research what is the most trendy advertising styles now, but also to find good outsource artists, to explain what is the task and work with them for the results.

Responsibilities and duties
• Researching the market for best and new advertising strategies / making research reports with
• Preparing the references for outsource creators / designing the schematic drafts of the ads
• Researching the freelancers markets and communities for talented artists (examples: /
• Drafting and drawing up of graphic schemes and tasks for freelancers
• Communication (email / skype) with freelancers / delivering the advertising creation tasks to
• Controlling and supervising the workflow of ads creation
• Finalising the ads before releasing them to web
• Weekly reporting to supervisor

Requirements and skills
• Bachelor's degree in advertising, or journalism, or marketing, or graphic arts, or marketing
• Fluent English
• Adobe Creative Instruments (intermediate level of user)
• Abilities to visually express and deliver the ideas in graphical example
• Artistic skills
• Creative personality
• Effective management and supervising skills
• Abilities for teamwork
• Passion for gaming

• Salary (NET) 1500-2000 per month
• Insurance
• Individual working place with PC
• WH from 9 to 16:30 / 1 hour for lanch / Saturday and Sunday - not working days / 20 days
vacations per year

Persons Required: 1
Salary: 2000.00 €
Salary Type: Not less than
Employer Hours: Full-Time
Overall: Permanent

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Contact Person

Nik Gushchin
Phone: +35725260100