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We are a mobile games developer. For us games is not just fun or business, but also a phenomenon, philosophy of emotions and future science. Researching the behaviors and conquering the minds - this is our target, passion and responsibility at the same time. At VOLKA we are on the mission that is beyond the horizon of just playing games and to ensure our goals we are carrying about our crew like about space ship team. For us effectiveness in harmony and personal realization are fundamental, because we have faith that happy people create happy products. We create games straight out of dreams.
For such purposes we are constantly looking for professionals who are not afraid to strive for a dream, professionals who hunt for evolvement and seek for serenity and work they love.
We are out of categories like comfort zone, box-shaped tactics and other manipulations. If you know how and with what methods to reach the target, we provide all necessary instruments for that. We are based in Cyprus, and in our Mediterranean paradise we appreciate good food, all kinds of surfing, yoga, reaching the nature, hiking and camping, beach and other healthy body positive activities. If you share our values we’d like to welcome you on board where we run Best Facebook Web Game 2016 – TAONGA: THE ISLAND FARM.

Are you cunning and ambitious, intelligent and curious, intellectually rebel and self-disciplined team- player or solo hunter, but capable to share the prey? Are you young and perspective or mature professional? Are you fast-learning and adaptable? Are u Chuck Norris in marketing?
At VOLKA as a MARKETING ANALYTICS you will be responsible for scanning out and researching the performance and results of large-scale advertising campaigns, tests, across a wide range of advertising partners and big data which you will compose, analyze and report to a supervisor. To be in charge of our marketing vision and affect our business core drive gears YOU will require analytical and deductive skills. To be an armor of our marketing strategy YOU need to be a detective and scout for the covered interdependences about how the market evolves and to where the thoughts and decisions of gamers go. You will be supported with all info, materials and instruments to achieve the direct impact on the growth of the business and its crew fame.
MARKETING ANALYTICS are responsible for constant ANALYSIS & RESEARCH of advertising campaigns results and for REPORTS with guidelines about vectors of marketing actions required from creative crew and user acquisition crew in order to supply them with intelligence for their goals to be achieved.
Roles and Duties
• Gather and analyze data/information from complex and massive data sets, formulate and test hypotheses, develop recommendations
• Investigate the performance of competitors and predict the market evolution ways
• Form advertising and art creative strategy
• Market and industry analysis
• Detect and determine the connections and interdependences in games market
• Be in constant close touch with latest industry news, technologies, methods and know-hows
• Help user acquisition crew achieve new marketing performance highs with a focus on user acquisition, retention, and monetization
• Monitor, create analytical views and report about performance of campaigns and testing on an ongoing basis
• Identify new partner, platform, and optimization opportunities to increase analysis performance
• Partner with Creative and User acquisition teams to obtain necessary data, requests, reports and materials
• Identify the richest impact testing opportunities, prioritize, forecast, track results and report to creative and user acquisition team and Chief
• Collaborate with finance analytics to help them form the marketing budget
Requirements and skills
• Advanced degree (Masters/Ph.D.) in statistics, computer science, engineering, or another quantitative discipline / Technical degree / degree in advertising, or marketing, or etc. proven skills
• You have 2+ years work experience analyzing large datasets in an analytics or product-centric role
• Fluent English
• Advanced Excel knowledge / Facebook Ads / Adwords / Video networks / etc.
• Comfort with large data sets and guides
• Proficient with SQL, Hive, or other querying languages / familiar with R, Sklearn, Stats models, or other statistical packages and libraries
• Familiar with data visualization tools like Tableau / familiar with Python, Java, or other programming languages
• Sharp eye and creative problem solver
• Genuine interest in social, gaming, analytics, and advertising
• Execution oriented with prioritization speed and actions for delivering the results
• Abilities for teamwork
• Passion for playing games
• Experience with business intelligence tools
• Experience in games industry and digital marketing

• Salary (NET) 3000 EUR per month
• Insurance
• Hours 10 to 18 /1 hour lunch / Saturday and Sunday - not working

Persons Required: 1
Salary: 0.00 €
Employer Hours: Full-Time
Overall: Permanent

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Contact Person

Nikita Gushchin
Phone: 25 260100