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CV Info

title CV


I'm Gare Heinmäe from Estonia. I'm planning to move Cyprus in September.
I have been working in differnt areas.
My first job was working as a nanny. After I graduated university I started working in the kindergarden as a deacher.
Also I have been working as a seller in the firework shop and selling the meat in the market.
At the moment I'm back in my roots and working as a nanny (01.09.2015- 01.09.2016).
I'm open to differnt jobs. I like to learn new things and I'm good at it :)

Job Experiences

I've been working as a kindergarten teacher, seller and nanny. I enjoy to challenge myself to try and learn new things. And most of all I give my best to do a great job.

Education Level Bachelor
Country Colombia
Nationality Estonian
Gender Female
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category A,B
Age 5

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Available to Start 2016-09-16
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time