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CV Info

title Vladimir Popovic

Ambitious, team worker, sales oriented, motivated, striving towards goals, individual and team improvement.

Job Experiences

MA degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management; 10 years of international experience in the US and the regional countries of Eastern Europe. Recommendations received for personal achievements in the fields of international trade, tourism and hospitality industry (marketing,sales,front desk operations and concierge services) , customer service, field control,fleet management,logistics,event management,food&beverage supplies and services,luxury brand sales and wholesale management.

Education Level Master

BA degree, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Singidunum University Belgrade, Serbia 2003-2007 ( first graduated student )

MA degree, field Business Systems in Tourism & Hospitality Singidunum University Belgrade, Serbia 2007-2011

Country Kazakhstan
Nationality Serbian
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category B
Age 38

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time