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CV Info

title A woman of great experience in cuisine and foreigh languages

I love to able to utilise my love of all things Turkish, including the language. I’m a good communicator and I am a native Russian speaker, also fluent in Turkish with good English.

Job Experiences

My work experience has mainly been in restaurants and hotels and has given me excellent skills in customer service and dealing with the public.

Education Level High School

Moscow Polygraphy University 1989 - 1992- 3 correspondence courses in design related to calendars and book covers, during my time working in a antique and rare book store in Sukhumi, Georgia.

Moscow Economics College 1986-1989 Accountancy and Bookkeeping

Country Jamaica
Nationality Russian
Gender Female
Driving licence No
Age 52

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time , Seasonal , Freelance