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CV Info

title Mr

Throughout 35 years of my carrier I had the opportunity to pass from all the levels of hierarchy within a company and for the last 20 years I had the position of the CEO. All these years I managed through hard work and professional approach to all the necessary elements who has to implement by any company in order to consider as successful, to build strong relationships and made myself respected for my expertise by the most of the Islands importers/exporters.

All these years I have the opportunity to deal and became expertise with a vast of knowledge to the following services, Freight forwarding, Customs brokerage, 3PLogistics, Inventory storage and management, Transportation, Sensitive projects coordination, Document storage, Household removals, Cargo insurance, Courier services, etc. My Knowledge expand also to the Marketing / Development , Financing / accounting / budgeting / costing etc

If I were to describe myself with a few words I would choose the words: hardworking, ambitious, reliable and mostly trustworthy.

With these traits I believe that I will be in a position to offer my services and become an asset for your company and through the years to add value to your company .

Job Experiences

Freight Forwarding ( Sea and Air Freight )
3Plogistics / Warehousing
Cargo Insurance
Distribution / Transport
Projects Management
Custom Broker
Courier Services (TNT)
Document Storages
Household Removal
Marketing / Development
Financing / Accounting / Budgeting / Costing

Education Level Bachelor

Business Administration, Bachelor(BSc/BA),
Diploma in Marketing

Country Cameroon
Nationality Cypriot
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Age 62

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 3000 EUR
Employment Type Full Time