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CV Info

title front-end, back-end


Job Experiences

2008 - up to the present - software specialist in State Culture Institution "Kostroma symphony orchestra".
Functions: website management, system administration, staff traning.
2016 - up to the present - Software specialist in Laitovo company.
Functions: system administration, company web site and corporative informationsl portal development, организация IP-telephony, production organization, developemnt of information application system in production, maintenance of finantial records and supply of IT department.
2017 - up to the present - Sintez corp. - trainor at the School of software specialists in web and PHP.
Functions: teaching students web-page slicing and the basics of PHP and Yii2.

Education Level High School
Country Jamaica
Nationality Russian
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category b
Age 16

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Not less than
Expected Salary 1500 EUR
Available to Start 2017-07-10
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time , Freelance