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CV Info

title Robert Fossum

-Good interpersonal skills, good in organizing myself and like to organize other people to get things done on time.
-Punctual regarding deadlines.
-I like to challenge myself-place high goals, and try to achieve my objective so as to succeed the possible way.
-I like to get along with other people (the people I cooperate with and my customers).
-Keep confidentiality .In the position that I am working now confidentiality is very important.

Job Experiences

Company: Nicos Procopiou Services Ltd
Position: Clearing Agent
Period: February1991-July2006
Duties: Involve all operations relating to the Import and Export departments.Coordinate and monitor all documents.

Company: Pranovia Ltd
Position: Administrator/General Accounting
Period : August2006-Januar2008
Duties: Arrange distribution and accounting department

Company: Studio B Designs Ltd
Position : Designer(Interior) and sales department
Period: July2008-September2010
Duties :I act as an Manager and monitor one person that is part of the team(Interior Designer).Arranging appointments with customers,Coordinate and monitor all documents and drawings.

Company: G.H.Furnishings Ltd
Position : Designer(Interior)
Period: July2010-September2011
Duties: I act as an Designer and monitor a team( Furniture assembly)..Arranging appointments with customers,Coordinate and monitor all documents and drawings.

Company: Rentokil Initial (Norway)
Position: Installer/Service and Repairs
Period: July2013-July 2017
Duties: I act as an Installer,Repair and Service and also monitor two persons that is part of the team.Arranging appointments with customers,Coordinate and monitor all documents for the Hygenic products to be installed.
Additional information to support the application :
I have 4 years experience in the Company Rentokil Norway.
1. I act as Installer/Service and repairs and monitor one person which is part of team.

Education Level Bachelor

Dates: 1988-1990
Establishment: Oslo Tekniske Maritime School
Qualification: Diploma
Subjects: MechanicalTechnical Drawer

Dates: 1990-1992
Establishment: Sofienberg Tekniske Fag Skole
Qualification: Diploma
Subjects: Technical Drawer

Dates: 2006-2008
Establishment: NKI Interior
Qualification: Diploma
Subjects: Interior Designer


• Attended and succeeded in the following subjects:
• Certificate in AUTOCAD 2008
• Certificate in AUTOCAD 2006
• Certificate in Strategic Marketing

Country Micronesia
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Age 51

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time